Terms and Conditions

We hereby acknowledge the following terms and conditions stated as follows:


The parties agree to cheerful cooperation and communication for the best possible result within the definition of this assignment. Mellow Pictures recommends the “CLIENT” to designate an "event guide" or "timekeeper" to point out important individual(s) / subjects / venue for informal or candid photographs to the photographer during the Event. The photographer will not be held accountable for not including photography of these desired photo subjects if there is no such assistance provided.


By engaging and confirming the services of Mellow Pictures, the “CLIENT” agrees to giving priority to crew members of Mellow Pictures over any other photographers engaged by the “CLIENT” to avoid any degradation of photos quality.


The “CLIENT” agrees to inform guests not to interfere with the photographer’s work during the wedding. While guests are permitted to their own photography during the event, Mellow Pictures cannot be held accountable for lack of wedding photos if the guests use flash while taking their own photos or obstruct the photographer’s movement.

The photographer is limited by the guidelines of the ceremony official or reception site management. The “CLIENT” agrees to accept the technical results of their imposition on the photographer. Negotiation with the officials for moderation of guidelines is the “CLIENT”’s responsibility; Mellow Pictures will offer technical recommendations only. Mellow Pictures will make every effort to mitigate the issue as much as possible. However, Mellow Pictures shall be discharged of all liabilities in the event that the discussed solution is not executed properly.

By engaging Mellow Pictures, the “CLIENT” agrees to have assessed its portfolio and accepts the composition quality, documentary and artistic value represented by the employees of Mellow Pictures. The “CLIENT” shall not hold Mellow Pictures accountable for any dispute arising from this. 

The photography schedule and selected methodology are designed to accomplish the goals and wishes of the “CLIENT” in a manner enjoyed by all parties. The “CLIENT” and Mellow Pictures agree that professional cooperation and punctuality are therefore essential to produce the desired results. Shooting commences at the scheduled start time with a 15mins grace period.


Any special requests from the “CLIENT” are not binding instructions but every effort shall be made to comply with the requests, permitting that there is adequate time. The “CLIENT” agrees that any deviation from the schedule will result in unfulfilled photography requests.


The photographs produced by Mellow Pictures are protected by Copyright Law (Copyright © Mellow Pictures all rights reserved) and may not be reproduced in any manner without Mellow Pictures's written permission. Upon final payment by the “CLIENT”, Limited Reproduction License of the resulting images will be transferred to the “CLIENT” under the following conditions:

  • The Digital Files are the property of the “CLIENT” for their own marketing uses in any way unless otherwise stated. The “CLIENT” must obtain written permission from and compensate Mellow Pictures prior to the “CLIENT” selling the photographs for profit.
  • The “CLIENT” hereby grants to Mellow Pictures and its legal representatives and assigns, the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publish photographs of the “CLIENT” or in which the “CLIENT” may be included, for editorial, trade, advertising and any other purpose and in any manner and medium; to alter the same without restriction; and to copyright the same unless specified otherwise by the “CLIENT”. The “CLIENT” hereby releases Mellow Pictures and its legal representatives and assigns from all claims and liability relating to said photographs. Mellow Pictures shall take reasonable care to post only photos of the “CLIENT” into public domain. The “CLIENT” understands that it is their responsibility to highlight any intention of keeping the photos and videos private at the start of the service confirmation to avoid any misunderstandings after delivery of the package.

Limited Liability

In the unlikely event that the crew member is injured or becomes too ill to provide the agreed services, Mellow Pictures will make every effort to secure a replacement manpower. If the situation should occur and a suitable replacement is not found, responsibility and liability is limited to the return of all payments received for the event package.

Mellow Pictures takes the utmost care with respect to exposure, transportation, and processing the photographs. However, in the unlikely event that photographs are lost, stolen, or destroyed for reasons within or beyond Mellow Pictures’ control, Mellow Pictures’ liability is limited to the return of all payments received for the event package. The limit of liability for a partial loss of originals shall be a prorated amount of the exposures lost based on the percentage of total number of originals.


Actual Day Services

Final delivery of photos and/or montages of Actual Day services will be ready within 8 weeks after the "CLIENT" has completed the final payment. All photos will be uploaded to an online private gallery for the "CLIENT" to view and download. Mellow Pictures shall update the “CLIENT” should there be any delay of deliverables or when approvals from the “CLIENT” is required for further actions. No RAW un-edited photos will be returned to the "CLIENT".

Pre-Wedding Services

The photos will be ready for selection 1 week after the shoot date. The “CLIENT” may select 40 photos from the range of colour-enhanced photos presented for further editing (where applicable) to be included in the wedding album (where applicable). The “CLIENT” will be presented the final layout before printing. Soft copies of the remaining photos will be released according to the type of package purchased. No RAW un-edited photos will be returned to the "CLIENT".


The terms and conditions stated here shall take effect upon receipt of the retainer fee/down payment from the “CLIENT” and expires on the day the final images and montage are delivered


The date where the “CLIENT” informs Mellow Pictures of their termination intention verbally or through any written forms is deemed as the termination date. Ether party may terminate the agreement within the term of service subject to the following restrictions:

  • Retainer fee / down-payment will not be refundable.
  • Mellow Pictures will require the “CLIENT” to pay for the services that had been rendered to the “CLIENT” prior to the termination date, if applicable, which will be pro-rated based on a la carte service prices.

Before clicking on the "Submit" button, kindly print a copy of the terms and conditions from the website for your own reference.